In most instances, we follow the same schedule as the Davis County school district, one exception being that we are in session when Davis County is having ‘conference career ladder days’. Check with us for exact days we are in session. Also, we have a summer session for parents who need school/child care year-round.


Lunch is not included in base tuition. Students will provide their own lunch.


In the 6-9 year old and 9-12 year old classes, kids work at their own pace, so parents are required to pay for each book or workbook. Children 3 and up need to buy a $18 CD and workbook for a weekly music class.


We wear uniforms in all classes except the Toddler class (age 2-3), except for some field trip days. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are dress uniform days, and Monday and Friday are casual uniform days.


All parents are required to put in 10 hours of volunteer time. You can chaperone field trips, make classroom materials, help with picture day, last day of school picnics, fundraising projects, etc. One parent built our rabbit’s cage, one made a leaf press, one created this website. You’re welcome to offer anything.


Parents are asked to sign their children in and out each day. Before school, children can be dropped off as early as 8:00am. After school, pick up is at 3:15pm (unless you’re doing half days, when pick up is at 11:30am). We have after-care available before and after school hours for $4.50/hour.


Snack responsibility is divided up between the parents in the school. With the number of kids, we divide the responsibility so a family only ends up with two or three weeks a year. A few servings of crackers, pretzels, raisins, fruits or vegetables are usually enough for a class.


We take 8-12 field trips through the school year—roughly one per month. Admission fees for the children are included in tuition/registration. We ask parents to volunteer to chaperone and drive–all parents are required to volunteer 10 hours per year. See above.


We need each child to have a backpack, with their name printed/written on it.


We require children to wear slippers during school hours, but have shoes in their backpack should there be outside time.


We don’t allow personal toys in the classrooms.


Most classes have a show and tell once a week. This is a great way for children to work on their verbal skills. Our expectation is to show something from an activity they did with their parents, or an example of something they study in class.


On or near your child’s birthday, the students in each class will celebrate your child by spotlighting major events in you child’s life. We ask that you share about a favorite vacation, first trip to the swimming pool, first bike ride, favorite family celebration, etc. If you can’t attend, we welcome a poster with photos of these kinds of things. For children with summer birthdays, we celebrate their “half birthday”–six months from their birthday. This gets everyone a birthday time during the year.


It’s hard to be complete with a volunteer-driven website. If there’s a topic we didn’t cover here, please call us about it.