Kinder Music & Suzuki Voice Class–Debby Smith comes once a week on Wednesday mornings, and teaches music to all our classes, 2-year-olds through 6th grade. Cost is included in tuition, CD and books not included (one time estimated cost $18). 6-12 year olds also need a flutaphone.

Private Piano Lessons–We arrange private one-on-one piano lessons with Tanya Platt, 30 minutes per week, during school hours. Lessons emphasize both ear training and reading music. Cost: $10/Lesson, plus books and flash cards for the year. Available on Wednesday mornings.

Michelle Glaittli comes once a week for 45 minutes per class to teach tumbling and basic loco-motor skills, aimed at building self-esteem through coordination development, body positioning, techniques and flexibility. Classes require the securing of long hair, and wearing shorts so the teacher can see their legs from the knees down. Cost: $10/Lesson.

Besides the art woven into the base curriculum, we have Tanya Platt, art major, teaching a class once a week. Students are taught the five basic elements of shape, and that anything in the world can be created from these elements. The art classes also improve visual perception skills, eye-to-hand coordination, focus and concentration, organization and planning, and a lesson in completing what they start. Cost is $10/weekly class, per student.

We take a number field trips throughout the school year. We travel in private cars of both the teachers and parents who volunteer to drive and chaperone. Past field trip destinations have included: Children’s Theater, Wheeler Farm, Museum of Natural History, Hogle Zoo, Hill AFB Museum, Living Planet Aquarium, Thanksgiving Point and The Pumpkin Patch, etc. (The toddler class sometimes goes on different trips, i.e. the Bountiful Fire Station instead of the Children’s Theater.) Cost: Included in fees.

Ms. Veronica is our Spanish teacher.  She speaks Spanish to the children everyday. The children will learn through a partial language immersion.   Her focus is on numbers, colors, and basic conversation. Cost is included in base tuition.